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Karan Johar’s Vijay Deverekonda & Ananya Pandey Starrer Liger Had Below Par Weekend In Hindi

Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday starrer Liger released in theatres on Thursday after a massive promotional campaign all across the country. Vijay’s Hindi debut was excessively hyped but if early reports of the film’s box office collection are any indication, the film has fallen to the curse that is upon the Bollywood box office at the moment. The film opened to largely negative reviews, even starting meme trends.

Film got a very wide release in Hindi after preview show on Thursday where film collected 1.5 cr nett. Bad reviews are hurting the film and it has started slowly with 15% opening at best.

Film was expected to do big numbers but it managed 4.5 cr nett which is either good nor bad. It’s strictly average considering so much hype around the film marketing but then it’s not bad either considering so much negative reviews on day one.

Film collected 4.25 cr nett in Hindi and mass centers in north seems to be unaffected with bad reviews. Still film didn’t grow and dropped on Saturday which is a bad sign.

As expected film can’t score much due to high voltage India Pakistan cricket match and managed only 4 cr nett which was again marginal drop on Sunday.

Film has weekend total of 14.25 cr nett and today will be the litmus test as film will drop close to 50% and anything less than this will be a surprise.

Film dropped in Telugu version on Friday itself and it will struggle to cross 50 cr lifetime there which is a massive disappointment.

Thursday (preview only)

1.50 cr nett


4.50 cr nett

4.25 cr nett

4 cr nett

Total 14.25 cr nett

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