Exclusive: Avatar The Way of Water 4th Weekend Update: James Cameron Film Becomes Highest Hollywood Grosser Ever In India With Massive 370 Cr Nett And 458 Cr Gross, All Time Blockbuster !

Avatar The Way Of Water didn’t make quite as big of a splash as many assumed it would, but big budget spectacle still helped breathe life into the box office in India. In USA and worldwide, it remained below expectations despite huge 1.4 billion dollar total as expectation was to surpass prequel which was 3 billion dollar box office juggernaut. 

The film is doing quite well in India where it earned Rs 100 crore within two days of release. Its makers announced that Avatar The Way of Water has earned Rs 100 crore in gross earnings within two days in India. The third day of the weekend was expected to see a lower turnout given the FIFA World Cup final on Sunday but the film crossed Rs 150 crore mark on the box office.

India is the 6th Biggest opening weekend market for Avatar The Way Of Water $18.1 Million [ 150 Crs] over weekend.

Avatar has become the first film to register such a staggering opening day figure in the post-pandemic times, outshining the rest of the Bollywood films that released this year and beating the record of Hollywood releases too. Even Bollywood hits such as Drishyam 2 and Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 failed to get such numbers at the box office.

Film was super steady at box office on weekdays despite distinct drops as it reminded in double digits on each of weekday. Film collected 19 cr, 16.75 cr, 15 cr & 13.50 cr nett on weekdays. Film has week one total of 193.25 cr nett and 230 cr gross which fab. 

Film crossed 200 cr nett despite new Bollywood Biggie Cirkus and now Avatar 2 is a blockbuster.

Film collected 13 cr nett on day 8 which was strong hold. Film jumped big by 70% on Tuesday and collected 21.50 cr nett. Film jumped by 20% and collected 26.50 cr nett on 2nd Sunday. Film has crossed 61 cr nett in 2nd weekend and 85 cr nett in 2nd week. Film collected 12.75 cr nett on 2nd Monday which was outstanding trending and first time a Hollywood film breached 12 cr barrier on 2nd Monday. Film added 10 cr nett on 2nd Tuesday and 9.25 cr nett on Wednesday followed by 8 cr on Thursday. 

Film collected 109.50 cr nett in 2nd week which is highest ever 2nd week for Hollywood film in India with less than 45% drop from week one. 

Film was again rock solid on 3rd Friday with 9.25 cr nett number. Film jumped little less over 3rd weekend which was expected post holiday period. Film collected 11.25 cr on Saturday and 14.50 cr on Sunday. It crossed 33 cr nett over 3rd weekend which is good. Film added rock solid 17 cr nett plus on weekdays in 3rd week. It crossed 52 cr nett over 3rd week which is again just above 50% drop from previous week.

Film again jumped big over 4th weekend and collected 16 cr nett plus which is hardly 55% drop from previous weekend.

Film has total of 371 cr nett plus and 458 cr gross in 24 days. Also it has beaten records of all Hollywood film in every circuit in south by big margin.

Following are the collections for the film:

Friday – 41 cr 

Saturday – 42 cr 

Sunday – 46 cr. 

Monday – 19 cr

Tuesday – 16.75 cr 

Wednesday – 15 cr 

Thursday – 13.50 cr

Total 1st Week – 193.25 cr 

2nd Week

Friday – 13 cr 

Saturday – 21.50 cr 

Sunday – 26.50 cr 

Monday – 12.75 cr 

Tuesday – 10 cr

Wednesday – 9.25 cr 

Thursday – 8 cr 

Total Wee Two – 109.50 cr nett 

3rd Week

Friday – 9.25 cr 

Saturday – 11.25 cr 

Sunday – 14.50 cr 

Monday – 5.75 cr 

Tuesday – 4.50 cr 

Wednesday – 3.75 cr 

Thursday – 3.50 cr 

Total Week Three – 52.50 cr nett

4th Week

Friday – 3 cr

Saturday – 6 cr

Sunday – 7.25 cr

Total – 371.75 cr nett

Film has crossed gross business of 437 cr of Avengers Endgame and 367 cr nett in India. Now it’s official highest Hollywood grosser ever in India and should finish with 390 cr lifetime nett if not more. Big south releases this week and then the release of Pathaan will curtail its run.

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