EXCLUSIVE Box Office Analysis: Kiccha Sudeep Starrer Vikrant Rona, Presented By Salman Khan Is Suffering Due To Shady Distribution Strategy?

The film is presented by Salman Khan in Hindi and released by PVR all over.

With the upcoming fantasy action-adventure “Vikrant Rona,” Kichcha Sudeep is ready to captivate audiences across India. Sudeep portrays Vikrant, also known as the Lord of the Dark, who terrorises his foes, in the movie, which will be released on July 28. The movie, which is directed by Anup Bhandari, also stars Jacqueline Fernandez, Nirup Bhandari, and Neetha Ashok.

Vikrant Rona is a big budget Kannada film and will also be releasing in Tamil, Telugu, Malyalama, Hindi and English. The film is presented by Salman Khan in Hindi and released by PVR all over.

It’s a known fact that PVR and Inox merged sometime back and this formed biggest multiplex chain in India. They have kept film majorly to their cinemas and to other national chains in a minimal way. They are avoiding regional players and independent players to release the film so that it benefits their screens and business which is almost a monopolistic business practice.

Let us give you an example: In Ahmedabad, Citygold, Mukta and Time has not got a single show till Wednesday afternoon and similar is the case with smaller centers like Junagadh and Valsad. This will also save them distributoon commision and per screen projection digital charges.

Salman Khan and Sudeep must be unaware of this ground practice and they will be told after 75 lac -1 cr opening that film didn’t work but in first place demand for the film is not fulfilled by distribution partner.

Presented by Salman Khan Films, Zee Studios, and Kichcha Creatiions in North India the film is releasing worldwide in 3D on July 28. It is produced by Jack Manjunath under his production Shalini Artss, and is co-produced by Alankar Pandian of Invenio Origins the film. It will be distributed in North India by PVR Pictures.

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