Exclusive: ‘Shang-Chi’ is running ahead of ‘Fast & Furious 9’ at the Box Office

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‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ had a record-breaking opening weekend at the international box office and a strong first weekend in India. The Marvel superhero film made an estimated Rs 10.6 crore nett in three days. On its debut Monday, the film reportedly experienced a 50% dip in box office collections, earning Rs 1.53 cr nett.

This comes after a strong debut weekend at the box office, with the film grossing an estimated Rs 10.6 crore nett. The film grossed approximately Rs 3 crore on Friday and Rs 3.5 crore on Saturday. With a collection of Rs 4.1 crore on Sunday, it saw a significant increase.

Day-wise box office collections are as follows:

Day 1, Friday – 3 cr nett

Day 2, Saturday – 3.5 cr nett

Day 3, Sunday – 4.1 cr nett

Total weekend – 10.6 cr nett

Day 4, Monday – 1.53 cr nett

Total – 12.13 cr nett

On the other hand, ‘Fast & Furious 9’ has maintained its box office dominance. The film, which debuted with a Rs 2 crore opening weekend, earned an estimated Rs 1 crore on Monday. The decline in collections was roughly 40%, while its dubbed versions performed better in smaller markets than ‘Shang-Chi.’

The film’s overall business is Rs 9 crore nett, and by the end of the week, it is likely to earn Rs 11.5-12 crore nett.

Piracy has also hurt English film releases, in addition to the lockout limitations and theatres that are only half full. The films were reportedly leaked on illegal websites, which is one of the reasons why the dubbed versions did better, according to sources.

Day-wise box office collections are as follows:

Day 1, Thursday – 2 cr nett

Day 2, Friday – 1.5 cr nett

Day 3, Saturday – 1.75 cr nett

Day 4, Sunday – 2.05 cr nett

Total weekend (4 days) – 7.3 cr nett

Day 5, Monday – 1 cr nett

Total – 8.3 cr nett

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