Exclusive: Sunny Deol To Play Maharana Pratap In An Epic Film To Be Directed By Vicky Ranawat

Bollywood is one such film business where a lot of brilliant individuals can be discovered. Bollywood has so far given birth to several megastars. Bollywood is home to many talented actors and actresses. We will discuss one such great person in this article who is one of the top actors in the Bollywood business, who won the hearts of many with their outstanding performance in a movie, and whose voice makes people swoon over him. Famous Indian actor Sunny Deol is widely renowned for the monologues he does in his movies.

Upcoming Epic Movie Of Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol will be playing Maharana Pratap and the movie will be directed by Vicky Ranawat. Pratap Singh, sometimes referred to as Maharana Pratap, was the Sisodia dynasty’s Hindu Rajput monarch of Mewar. In order to oppose the Mughal empire’s expansionist policies, he engaged in a number of significant engagements with Akbar, notably the Battle of Haldighati in 1576.

One well-known filmmaker, writer, and producer in the Indian cinema business is Vicky Ranawat. He worked extensively as a director on TV shows, commercials, and documentaries. He began making his own films at a young age.

The reason this movie is going to be epis is that he was born in Mewar, Rajasthan, into a Rajput family. He graduated from BN College in Udaipur. Rana Raimal, Maharana Pratap’s great-grandfather, was one of his forefathers.

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