Jailer Is Blockbuster: Rajinikanth Starrer Surpasses 40 Crores on Day 6, Achieves 200 Crores in India and 100 Crores in Tamil Nadu

On Independence Day, the movie Jailer achieved a remarkable feat by amassing more than Rs. 40 crores at the Indian box office. The Rajinikanth starrer, known for its action-packed sequences, garnered an approximate sum of Rs. 42 crores on Tuesday alone. This outstanding performance contributed to a cumulative total of Rs. 235 crores in just six days of its theatrical run. The film experienced a widespread surge in collections, with most regions nearly matching the revenue generated on Sunday, and the Telugu states surpassing those numbers. Despite the conclusion of the holiday period, the film continues to exhibit strong advance bookings for today. Anticipations are high as the eight-day extended week is predicted to yield earnings surpassing Rs. 270 crores.

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Yesterday, on the sixth day since its release, the movie achieved a significant milestone by surpassing Rs. 100 crores in Tamil Nadu. This accomplishment solidifies its position as the third Rajinikanth film to enter the esteemed club of three-digit earnings, achieving this feat as the second-fastest. In the current scenario, the film is poised to outpace the performance of “2.0” and claim the title of the highest-grossing film for the superstar within the Tamil state. Today marks a momentous shift in its trajectory.

Box Office Update: ‘Jailer’ Collections at the Indian Box Office

Thursday: Rs. 50.50 crores
Friday: Rs. 28.50 crores
Saturday: Rs. 38 crores
Sunday: Rs. 45.50 crores
Monday: Rs. 30.50 crores
Tuesday: Rs. 41.50 crores

Total: Rs. 234.50 crores

Impressive Performance in Telugu States: “Jailer” Collects Nearly Rs. 10 Crores Surpassing Sunday’s Figures
“Jailer” Gains Momentum in Telugu States, Collects Close to Rs. 10 Crores
Strong Recovery for “Jailer” in Telugu States, Overcoming Bhola Shankar Setback
Promising Trajectory: “Jailer” Set to Surpass Rs. 80 Crores in Twin State
Potential Milestone: “Jailer” Eyes Rs. 100 Crores Amid Strong Momentum

Likewise, the states of Karnataka and Kerala are displaying impressive figures, with both regions poised to exceed Rs. 50 crores in their complete run, potentially reaching around Rs. 60 crores. Moving to North India, the Tamil version of the movie has achieved a gross of approximately Rs. 5 crores, while the Hindi version has demonstrated noteworthy performance despite a limited release, accumulating over Rs. 2 crores. Notably, the Hindi version witnessed its peak performance yesterday, surpassing both Sunday’s figures and its opening-day numbers.

Box Office Collections of Jailer: Territory-wise Breakdown

Tamil Nadu: Rs. 109 crores approx
AP/TS: Rs. 47.75 crores
Karnataka: Rs. 37 crores
Kerala: Rs. 33.75 crores
North India: Rs. 7 crores

Total: Rs. 234.50 crores

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