The Family Man Season 3, plot revealed: Manoj Bajpayee to take on the enemies from China!

After Pakistan in first season and Sri Lanka in second season, it's time for Srikant Tiwari to take on China.

The Family Man season 2 released yesterday has been garnering huge acclaim from both critics and audiences alike. Everyone has been raving about how good this sequel has turned out to be. Read our review and what Twitteratis have to say.

As reported few days back, The Family Man is confirmed to renew for another season. Raj and DK have submitted a basic story line for Season 3 to the executive team at Prime Video, who have loved it and have already given an approval to Season 3.

After Pakistan in first season and Sri Lanka in second season, it’s time for Srikant Tiwari to take on China. It has been revealed in the post credit scenes of The Family Man 2 that season 3 will be set in the Covid times, however, Srikant’s fight will not be with the virus, but he will be taking on the Chinese troops.

It’s also being said that the plot not only revolves around TASC (Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell) taking  on Chinese troops at a time when the entire world is fighting COVID-19 pandemic but also touch upon the recent data-privacy threats with the Chinese digital platforms.

“The Family Man as a franchise puts the special forces on a mission that’s relevant in the present political scenarios. Through the lockdown last year, the creators of the series, Raj and DK, with their digital partner Amazon, decided to take the franchise forward by setting it in the Covid times. Season 3 puts TASC against the enemies from China in the times when the entire world is fighting an invisible enemy in the form of this virus,” revealed a source to Pinkvilla.

The Chinese mission to destroy India in season 3 is called “Guan Yu”. Interestingly, Guan Yu was a Military officer during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China and he is worshipped by Chinese people today. There are multiple theories around his reign as an officer on the interview.

“Whether the story and mission have some historic relevance to the Guan Yu or not is something that one would discover when the third season takes the digital world by storm. After Pakistan and Sri Lanka, be prepared for a covert mission with Srikant Tiwari and his gang taking on the Chinese troops,” the source added.

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While the drama in The Family Man unfolded in Mumbai, Delhi and Kashmir, the second season was set in Chennai, London, Mumbai and Delhi. It seems the makers are now going to the North East belt of India and major part of season 3 will be set in Nagaland alongside Mumbai and Delhi.

The Family Man features Manoj Bajpayee and Sharib Hashmi with Priyamani in the main roles. Samantha Akkineki has joined the cast for the Season 2.


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