After Seeing A Glimpse Of Deepika Padukone’s Look In ‘Besharam Rang’ Ranveer Singh Predicted In 2022, That…”!

Back in March 2022, he predicted, "Aag lag jayegi screen pe,"

Nobody could have predicted the controversy surrounding the Pathaan song “Besharam Rang,” but Ranveer Singh did. Back in March 2022, he predicted, “Aag lag jayegi screen pe,” after seeing a sneak peek of his wife Deepika Padukone’s look in the song.

In a video posted by Ranveer, he stated that Deepika was filming “Besharam Rang” in Spain and that he had not only heard the song, but also saw what Deepika would be wearing in the scene. According to Indian Express, Ranveer described the track as a trademark collaboration between director Siddharth Anand and composer duo Vishal-Shekhar, probably and suggested that the song sounds similar to the War song “Ghungroo”.

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According to the reports, Ranveer said, “My wife is out of town. She is in Spain shooting this big actioner for Yash Raj with ‘the king’ Shah Rukh Khan and ‘sexy sexy’ John Abraham.”

“She was telling me you need to look at John’s body. I was like, ‘Yeah baby, I know. He’s got one hot bod on him’.” He continued, “I have heard the song, it’s amazing. It’s got that feel… It’s exciting because I have the privilege of being her husband so she gives me a sneak peek of how she’s looking, and (rolls his eyes) my god. You guys will have to wait for it, man. She’s just scorching it. Super fit and super glamorous. Shaleena (Nathani) is styling her. I have seen a sneak peek and it looks like aag lag jayegi screen pe. So that’s the wifey update.” Ranveer added.

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