Akshay Kumar’s Samrat Prithviraj Proved To Be A Box Office Disaster, YRF Face 50 Cr Loss!

The recently released Samrat Prithviraj, starring Akshay Kumar, has been a box office failure. The film’s 200 cr production budget [including P&A and interest charges] failed to reach even Rs. 70 crore at the Indian box office. Samrat Prithviraj was essentially absent from the overseas business.

Samrat Prithviraj struggled to bring in even $2 million from the international belts. The movie made less than Rs. 15 crore outside of India, measured in INR. Samrat Prithviraj’s global box office take is expected to be in the neighbourhood of Rs. 90 crores.

Regarding the distributor’s cut, Yash Raj Films, the film’s creator, will receive around Rs. 31.5 crores from India and Rs. 5.85 crores from other countries. The theatrical recovery for Samrat Prithviraj is roughly 36–37 crores of the 200 crore expenditure, while music rights bring in an additional 10 crores. The remaining ones were sold by the producers to Amazon Prime with a 4-week timeframe for their digital rights, while Star Network is the owner of the satellite rights.

In contrast to the budget of Rs. 200 crore, YRF has made about Rs. 100 crore through the sale of satellite and digital rights, bringing the total recovery to about Rs. 150 crores. Due to this, YRF has suffered a significant loss of revenue. Samrat Prithviraj cost the banner about Rs. 50 crores to produce, and the movie’s star, Akshay Kumar, also lost money because he did not sign the deal with a 100% upfront fee arrangement, as he does with other banners. Due to the hybrid nature of the agreement (signing fee + profit share), the Khiladi has also earned far less than his market worth, resulting in a loss of money there as well.

Samrat Prithviraj, a Yash Raj Films production, is based on Prithviraj Raso, an epic poem in the Braj language about the life of Prithviraj Chauhan. It depicts the brave King Prithviraj Chauhan’s life. The famous warrior who valiantly battled Muhammad of Ghor is portrayed by Akshay Kumar. Sanyogita, the sweetheart of King Prithviraj Chauhan, is portrayed by Manushi Chhillar. Sonu Sood and Sanjay Dutt are also featured in the movie. On June 3, Samrat Prithviraj was made available in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. Following a legal dispute a week before its intended release, the movie’s original title of Prithviraj was changed to Samrat Prithviraj.

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