Alaya F Says She Bagged Almost Pyaar With DJ Mohabbat After Anurag Kashyap Saw Her Instagram Reel: ‘I was doubting myself’

Actor Alaya F on Thursday credited filmmaker Anurag Kashyap for giving her the confidence to debut as an actor.

Alaya F has collaborated with the ace filmmaker for his upcoming movie Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat, a project that was offered to the actor before she made her debut with 2018’s Jawaani Jaaneman.

“I had signed this film before Jaawani Jaaneman. It was supposed to be my first film. It was back in 2018, so five years ago,” the 25-year-old actor told reporters.

She was speaking at the trailer launch event of Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat along with Kashyap and co-star Karan Mehta.

Granddaughter of actor Kabir Bedi and daughter of Pooja Bedi, Alaya F revealed that she went through a period of self-doubt before her debut.

“I was going everywhere, and doubting myself if I was made for this line. But, I made this (Instagram) reel out of instinct, and Anurag sir saw it, and he called me. Then he offered me this film. After that came Jawaani Jaaneman but that happened first. So thank you, Anurag sir, for believing in me and instilling that self-belief in me,” Alaya said.

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Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat is touted as an ode to modern love. It takes a look at modern-day young relationships and their exploration in a world plagued with prejudices, predatory behaviour and the unwillingness from older generations in their acceptance.

Karan Mehta, who makes his acting debut with the movie, revealed that it was Kashyap’s daughter, Aaliyah, who played a part in him bagging his maiden project.

“I had never thought I’d make my debut with Anurag sir’s film. My friend and I would make these shorts. Fortunately, one came out well, and his daughter, Aaliyah, saw it. She showed it to him, and he loved it and called me,” Mehta said.

Kashyap said as a filmmaker, he ensure that his actors enjoy creative freedom.

“People give me my best. The problem is that people try to control talent. I don’t do that. They give me my best, because I give them my best,” he said.

The director also said that he hates to be repetitive.

“I break my boundaries because boundaries make one secure and that makes someone boring. I always remember why I came here. I came here to make films, so, unless I’ve broken my leg or something and am lying in bed, I’ll never become repetitive,” he added.

Presented by Zee Studios under the Good Bad Films production, Almost Pyaar with DJ Mohabbat is scheduled to be released in theatres on February 3.

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