Allahabad High Court Criticizes Adipurush Creators, Raising Concerns About The Test Of Tolerance

In a surprising twist, director Om Raut and writer Manoj Muntashir have been targeted with death threats by the Kshatriya Karni Sena, adding to the existing controversy surrounding the dialogues of the recently premiered pan-India movie Adipurush. Concurrently, the Lucknow division of the Allahabad High Court has vehemently reprimanded both the film’s creators and the censor board, expressing strong disapproval.

During a court session addressing a petition lodged against objectionable dialogues present in Adipurush, the Allahabad High Court expressed its dissatisfaction. The court emphasized the significance of the Ramayana, stating that it holds great importance for the people as they often read the Ramcharitmanas before beginning their daily routines. The court identified the nature of the film’s dialogues as a significant concern.

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Additionally, the panel stated, “Agar hum log ispar bhi aankh band kar len kyonki yeh kaha jaata hai ki yeh dharm ke log bade sahishnu (tolerant) hain to kya uska test liya jayega?” (If we ignore this problem too, just because it is believed that people of this religion are tolerant, will their supposed tolerance be tested as well).

The court expressed its relief that there were no incidents of public unrest following the film’s release. However, the court strongly criticized the portrayal of Lord Hanuman and Sita in the movie, suggesting that they were depicted disrespectfully. The court emphasized that such objectionable content should have been removed from the film right from the start. Furthermore, the court pointed out that Certain scenes appear to fall under the category of “A” (adult), making it incredibly challenging to view such movies.

Describing it as an issue, the Allahabad High Court raised concerns regarding the role of the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC). During the court session, the Deputy Solicitor General informed the court that the contentious dialogues had been removed. However, the court expressed dissatisfaction with this response and questioned the Deputy SG about the CBFC’s actions and effectiveness in overseeing such matters.

Asserting their stance, the court emphasized that the removal of dialogues would not suffice. They demanded to know what actions would be taken regarding the scenes in question. The court further indicated that they would take necessary measures based on the instructions received. They also noted that if the screening of the film is halted, it would provide relief to those whose sentiments have been hurt.

The court expressed strong criticism towards the respondents’ argument regarding the inclusion of a disclaimer in the film. The bench questioned whether the individuals are responsible for the disclaimer regarding the people and youth of the country as lacking intelligence.

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Conclusion Of Court’s Statement

Concluding their statement, the court highlighted that there were reports of people visiting theaters and causing the film to be shut down, and they expressed gratitude that no acts of vandalism occurred. Additionally, the court instructed the inclusion of co-writer Manoj Muntashir Shukla as a party in the case and issued a notice requiring him to respond within a week. The hearing will resume tomorrow.

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