Anupam Kher’s “Project Heal India” To Conduct Relief Activities For The COVID-19 Crisis In India


The present situation of India battling the pandemic is very grim as help pours in from all corners. Established personalities and celebrities have also come forward in their own way to help. Anupam Kher Foundation in collaboration with Dr Ashutosh Tewari (Global Cancer Foundation, USA) and Baba Kalyani (Bharat Forge, India), recently started an initiative called “Project Heal India”. Through this initiative, the aim is to aid in the current fight against COVID-19 across India by providing medical aid and other relief during
these unprecedented times. Its a worthy initiative to help people in need during such worrisome times.

Through the project, the organizations will provide critical equipment and other life supporting devices to needy institutions and hospitals across India. The first consignment of CrossVent Ventilators (ICU Critical Care), Medtronic Ventilators, ResMed non-invasive ventilation devices and oxygen concentrators are expected to arrive in India within the week.

Mr Anupam Kher, said, “At the time of an ongoing world crisis, we human beings have
always collectively come together to respond and provide help in any way possible. As India
is reeling under a huge crisis, it is our moral responsibility to pick up the mantle and do our bit. Numerous people from around the globe reached out asking of ways to be of help but as Dr Ashutosh Tewari was one of the first to come up with a concrete plan. This gave me the needed impetus to take this forward and be of service to our nation. It is people and
humanitarians like Mr Baba Kalyani and Dr Ashutosh Tewari that help make the world a better place and restore our faith time and again in humanity. I am honoured and pleased to be joining hands with them.”

Speaking about this, Dr Ashutosh Tewari, said, “We want the people in India to know that they are not alone, and we will fight this together. We may be 10,000 miles away, but we continue to keep you close in our hearts and thoughts. The supplies we are sending are a
kind of symbolic gesture and a sign of solidarity. We know that the needs are both extremely urgent and very great. On behalf of everyone who has so generously contributed to this effort, we are grateful to be able to contribute to Project Heal India. COVID-19 has touched me personally and professionally in many ways, yet I remain hopeful that together we will win this fight.”

Adding further, Mr Baba Kalyani, said, “This is an exemplary gesture from Dr Ashutosh Tewari, Chairman, Milton and Carroll Petrie Department of Urology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, whom I have known for the last 14 years. As an eminent American Doctor of Indian origin, this generous effort to help the Indian medical system with so much support at this time of crisis is immensely valued. I am personally humbled and very pleased to contribute to this collective endeavour, Project Heal India, along with Anupamji and his

In response to the overwhelming need, Project Heal India will do its best to address the needs created by the pandemic. The contributors believe that to control this virus, it is extremely important to work together and ensure the health and safety of citizens and do
our part in this ever-changing situation.

Project Heal India will also continue to raise funds, medicines, and other necessary relief material to help our people and our community at large. The need of the hour is to come together, join hands and unitedly fight this global enemy. Every step counts, every gesture is valued, and every help and aid will bring us one step closer to our goal of eradicating this virus. Nothing is too much or too less when the intention is pure and there is a common goal of humanity.

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