Bollywood Producers’ Bodies Thinking Of Including Specific Drug Clause In contracts

Bollywood Producers’ Bodies Thinking Of Including Specific Drug Clause In contracts
Bollywood Producers’ Bodies Thinking Of Including Specific Drug Clause In contracts

From the past few weeks, several Bollywood celebrities’ names have been dragged in the alleged drug case. While in the international studios there has been a clause in their contracts that if an artist consumes alcohol or indulges in substance abuse while working, it is considered as states a violation of the agreement.

However, there is no such specific clause practice in Indian film industry. But now producers’ bodies and producers now feel that this clause is likely to be included and well-defined in future contracts.

Dina Dattani, who has been legal advisor to a lot of foreign studios, was quoted as saying, “Yes, most international studios do have a clause worded similar to the following draft: The consumption of alcohol and/or controlled substances during working hours will be considered a violation of the terms of this agreement and may be cause for the artist’s immediate dismissal at the producer’s entire discretion.”

She further added, “In addition, contracts often state that the artist shall adhere to all the policies of the producer in place relating to the prohibition of the use of drugs, alcohol, smoking, employee harassment and sexual harassment in the workplace, and others in place from time to time in relation to this production. A set of policies is then provided to each artist/crew member for that production.”

Speaking on the drug-related clausein actors’ contracts in India, Dina revealed, “I have not seen these types of clauses in artist agreements in India (unless they are with a major studio). I would also state that there is still a major reluctance in India for star artists to enter into detailed agreements that cover these and other issues.”

An anonymous producer, said, “If an actor turns out to be an addict or issues are created due to this menace and if he or she gets on the wrong side of the law, the producer will be ruined and therefore there must be such a clause.”

However, some film producers’ bodies are still mulling in adding the clause. President of IMPPA, TP Agarwal is upsaid over the allegations that were recently leveled by Kangana Ranaut who said 99 per cent of the film industry is into drugs.

He said, “I object to the allegation. After the recent episode of drug allegations against actors, there is definitely a need for insertion of a clause in contracts. Once Covid 19 is under control, we will definitely hold a meeting with other producers’ bodies to discuss this issue.”

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