‘Cirkus’ Lead Cast Ranveer Singh Is All Set For Golmaal 5, Says, ‘Shah Rukh Khan Is The King For Years Now And We All Have Become An Actor Because Of Him’

'I have been a big fan of the Golmaal franchise," said Ranveer Singh

Finally, the trailer for Cirkus released earlier today. The Rohit Shetty-directed film, the comedy of Errors, is a modernised adaptation of Shakespeare’s play with a 1960s setting. The movie, Kirkus, is about these characters living separate lives and how they eventually cross paths and make comedic errors. This is the first time Ranveer Singh and Varun Sharma have a dual role in a movie.

The clip shows Ranveer as his character “Electric Man,” a circus performer. He possesses some sort of superpower that allows him to manipulate electricity and do odd feats at the circus. Johny Lever appears to be in top form as he offers a few pithy one-liners. The deadpan humour of Sanjay Mishra contributes to the trailer’s amusement value.

“Welcome to the Rohit Shetty comedy universe and I am blessed to be a part of it, as I have been a big fan of the Golmaal franchise,” said Ranveer Singh on crossover of Cirkus with Golmaal and Chennai Express, other than this big crossover where we all will witness some of the biggest casting by Rohit Shetty which made us learn the true comedy meaning, the another big news is that. Now Ranveer will be a part of Golmaal 5, announced by the maker Rohit Shetty. Yes, you heard it right.

Recently at a Promotional event for Ranveer’s Upcoming Film ‘Cirkus’ Ranveer Said that, “Bollywood King Khan Shah Rukh Khan is the King for years now and we all have become an actor because of him. He is my idol and his contribution to the industry is one of its kind.” This is something very beautiful to see SRK is an perfect example to set and he keeps on inspiring young talents.

Overall, the ‘Cirkus’ trailer is excellent and suggests that Rohit Shetty will deliver another success. Expect a wild journey from the blockbuster director this Christmas!

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