Dagadi Chawl 3 To Be Made In Hindi & Marathi Starring Ajay Devgn? Details Inside

Ahir has Devgn in her list to cast in the upcoming sequel.

Dagadi Chawl, an action-drama film, released in 2015, is a Marathi movie made with a budget of 37 crore. It stars Ankush Chaudhary, Makarand Deshpande, Kamlesh Sawant, Pooja Sawant. It showcases an ordinary man being taken into the world of crime. 

Its next, Dagadi Chawl 2, released on August 18. It’s a 2 hour 10 min film which tells about the people residing in Dagadi Chawl, a slum located in Mumbai. They try to rehabilitate after the annihilation of their homes. It’s helmed by Chandrakant Kans and produced by Sangeeta Ahir. The film stars Neha Bam, Ankush Chaudhari and Nitin Bodhare.

The makers are satisfied with the previous parts and are mulling over the sequel to it as Dagadi Chawl 3. If everything remains in place, actor Ajay Devgn might play a crucial role in it as per ETimes. Cherry on the cake is that it would be released in Hindi and Marathi both.

Devgn’s spokesperson denied the buzz. However, Ahir has Devgn in her list to cast in the upcoming sequel. One could wait for an official announcement as the preparation for it is being worked upon by the makers.

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