‘He Would Not Acknowledge Me As His Girlfriend In Public’: Somy Ali Recalls Her 8-Year Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Salman Khan

She has also mentioned her abusive relationship with Salman in the past.

The relationship between Somy Ali and Salman Khan is not hidden from anyone. The former actress, who has worked in films like Yaar Gaddar, Teesra Kaun and Chupp, recently shared a series of pictures of herself with long captions on Instagram about her relationship with superstar Salman Khan.



She has also mentioned her abusive relationship with Salman in the past. Now, by recalling her past she revealed why she keeps talking about the same on her social media platforms. She captioned one of her posts, “My truth. What took you s


Somy further wrote, “This is not breaking news by any means. Rummage through any tabloid or a film magazine from the early 90’s to 1999 and you will read articles about Somy being physically abused by Salman. This is what truly baffles me as to why everyone is finding this as if it was never brought to light back in the 90’s. I simply stopped talking about it the way I never brought up being a victim of childhood abuse. But, now there is a reason to bring it up and a reason prominent enough where it is a matter of life and death for countless children, women and men.”

By saying that Salman never acknowledged her publicly as his gf, she said, “In addition to tons of affairs and flings he would constantly belittle me by calling me ugly, stupid and dumb. Not a day went by that he wouldn’t make me feel worthless and small.” She added, “He would not acknowledge me as his girlfriend in public for years and when he finally did he would insult me in front of his friends and berate me nonstop.”

For the unversed, Somy had a huge crush on Salman when she was just 16. She also got into a relationship with him but she broke up after he cheated on her. In her latest Instagram post, Somy revealed that the 8 years she spent with Salman were the ‘worst years of her entire existence’.


Meanwhile, Salman will be soon seen in Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan with Pooja Hegde and Shehnaaz Gill. The film will be released on Eid 2023. His film Tiger 3, starring Katrina Kaif and Emraan Hashmi along with him, is slated to release on Diwali 2023.

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