Here’s what Salman Khan had to say about not doing any ‘kissing scenes’ in his movies

Khan recently stated the reason behind this in an interview with the media following the release of his latest film Antim.

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Salman Khan has always been a proponent of crafting clean family films and is one of the few actors who has avoided kissing and other raunchy moments on screen. Khan recently stated the reason behind this in an interview with the media following the release of his latest film Antim. He said, “When we make a film on any culture, religion or cult, you need to be very careful and give them a lot of respect.”

According to the Bollywood actor, he believes in making films for families and hence prefers to make films that are clean and do not contain any kissing or intimate moments.

Salman said, “The characters that I play in films are never seen speaking in a bad language. There is no nudity, love making or kissing scenes. I don’t do any of that stuff. That’s the way I think cinema should be. But these days, the trend is different because of OTT. I can’t even watch that content. But people do watch it and that’s why they are getting made. It’s not the fault of the makers. Some people also comment that sometimes certain things are not required. Just because everybody is doing it, that does not mean I would do it. My mother and my father, seniors, fans, children watch my films. So, I like to keep them very clean.”

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“I believe that when after watching my films, people should want to be the hero and do the things that he does and not follow the villain. That’s how I like to do my movies. Like when I did Tere Naam, I played a loser in that film. Throughout the promotions, I was clear that go and watch the film, follow the hairstyle and clothes but don’t follow that character. I had maintained that throughout that publicity campaign,” the actor said during his interaction with the media.

He continued, “When my father watched the final rush print of Antim, he asked me to cut the lovemaking scene. I was like there’s no love making scene. He asked me to chop the scene where the actor goes on the top of that leading lady. I said, “Daddy, have you ever watched any OTT content?’ (laughs). Yeh toh aisa laga jaise humne picture Pope ke kiye banaya hai. There’s nothing in it. He told me that people with whom he goes to jog with every morning always tell him that they show my movies to their kids without any apprehensions. People take their families to watch my movies. So, we ended up fading out one shot three-four seconds before. This is what I believe. Just because others are doing it doesn’t mean I will do them too. I have my own things.”

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