Jackie Shroff Remembers Shooting Of King Uncle With Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan Was Assistant And Tiger Shroff Was Toddler

Actor Jackie Shroff recalled the time when a young Hrithik Roshan would take care of Tiger Shroff on the sets of King Uncle. Jackie said that Tiger, who was ‘very small’ at the time, would accompany him at work, and would always want to be around him. But when it was time to shoot, he’d tell Hrithik, who was assisting on the film, to look after Tiger and entertain him.

King Uncle, starring Shah Rukh Khan, was directed by Hrithik’s father, Rakesh Roshan. Tiger, who was a toddler at the time, would go on to star along with Hrithik in the blockbuster film War. In an interview with Lehren Retro, Jackie reminisced about that time, and reflected on watching so many people grow up in front of him.

He said, “He was taking care of Tiger, as an assistant director. When they used to call me for the shot, my boy used to cry, he was small. So, I used to tell Hrithik, ‘Go and play with him’. He used to do all his tricks… Even Salman, I’ve seen him as an AD. Salman’s first film, I was the one who got his picture to (the producers)… All these boys have grown up.”

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Jackie Shroff Speaks About Bond Between Hrithik And Tiger

Jackie continued, “Him working with the little boy he was looking after. And he’s his fan also. He was his fan, of someone who has taken care of him.” He said that he teared up when he first watched Tiger on the big screen. Tiger made his acting debut with the film Heropanti, and Jackie said that he didn’t tell him anything about the movie or the character, and directly invited him to watch the film.

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