Jackie Shroff Unravels This Exciting Recipe. Watch The Amusing Video Inside!

He further promises it will be made good otherwise spit on his face

Jackie Shroff, who has worked in the bollywood industry for more than four decades, is known for Hero, Ram Lakhan, Khal Nayak, Radhe, Bandhan and others. Jackie has four filmfare awards among others.

The latest bollywood news is that his exciting recipe video. The 1 minute 29 second shows his decoding a recipe stating “Egg Curry Leaves” and further promises it will be made good otherwise spit on his face. It’s entertaining and yes much to learn from Jackie.

Watch the video:


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Subhash Ghai On Jackie Shroff

“I don’t remember ever sitting and chatting with Jackie; it’s always been a guru-shishya relationship. During Hero, he knew nothing about cinema. Eighteen years later, when we did Yaadein, in which he played father to three grown-up daughters, he had evolved into a wonderful performer with films like Kaash, Parinda, Gardish, Rangeela and Khal-Nayak behind him. Yet, even then he surrendered to me completely. I’m planning another film with him now, in the central role,” Telegraph India quoted Ghai as saying.


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