Kangana Ranaut Likes The Tweet Which Calls Sonu Sood ‘Fraud’

Kangana Ranaut Likes The Tweet Which Calls Sonu Sood ‘Fraud’

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Kangana Ranaut is very much active on social media. She has an opinion for almost everything that happens in the world.

Now her recent activity on social media has become the talk of the town.

While people around the nation are praising Sonu Sood for his philanthropic work during the coronavirus pandemic. One Twitter user called him ‘fraud’ and Kangana happened to like it.

Sharing a photo of a printed ad of an oxygen concentrator in which Sonu features tweeters named Maithun claiming that the actor is a fraud.

However, nothing has been confirmed if the actor actually endorses the brand or they are just using his face unofficially.

The netizen shared the ad and wrote, “Such a fraud using a crisis to make money. Oxygen concentrator ₹2 lakh.”

Kangana Ranaut liked this tweet. Several other netizens are now divided into multiple speculations.

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