Katrina Kaif comes onboard for Shahid Kapoor’s next with Ali Abbas Zafar after Bhumi Pednekar exits!

According to recent rumours, Katrina has joined Ali Abbas Zafar's Netflix production, which stars Shahid Kapoor.

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Katrina Kaif is now making headlines due to her rumoured forthcoming wedding to Vicky Kaushal. While there is no certainty that she will walk down the aisle, we do know what she will do next. According to recent rumours, Katrina has joined Ali Abbas Zafar’s Netflix production, which stars Shahid Kapoor. Katrina even visited Abu Dhabi, according to a person close to the situation (where filming is currently underway). While there are no information about her involvement in the film yet, read on to find out what the source had to say.

For those who are unaware, word broke earlier this month that Bhumi Pednekar had been offered a role in this Shahid Kapoor film. Shahid’s wife was supposedly offered to the actress. It remains to be seen if Katrina Kaif will be filling the same shoes or if she will be handed another role.

A trade source told Pinkvilla that Katrina Kaif will act alongside Shahid Kapoor in Ali Abbas Zafar’s next film. This insider said, “It’s all very hush-hush with Ali and his crew at the moment. While Shahid started shooting for the crime drama last week, this week Katrina’s body double was seen rehearsing with a South African crew at the Emirates. Full on gun firing.”

Continuing further, the source added, “Katrina Kaif’s duplicate and the film unit are rehearsing at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi. It’s an action scene at a casino where a shootout takes place between mobsters, drug dealers and cops.”

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Speaking about the Ali Abbas Zafar directorial, the insider said, “The movie is said to be an official adaptation of the French movie Nuit Blanche (Sleepless Night) revolving around two cops who plan to rob a shipment of cocaine. In the process, they come up against an investigator, who is part of another law enforcement agency that looks into incidents of professional misconduct of police officers. Shahid is said to play the main lead and is one of the cops who plans the robbery. He is also estranged from his wife and has a teenaged son who gets kidnapped by the mobster whom Shahid and his partner plan to rob.”

At this time, there is no information on Katrina Kaif’s role in the film. Katrina might play an Internal Affairs officer probing Shahid or his wife, according to a trade source. The actress, according to the report, flew to Abu Dhabi tonight. The source adds, “If she plays Shahid’s wife it’s possible it will be Katrina’s cameo in the movie and she appears as Ali Abba’s lucky mascot. We know that Katrina’s scenes involve lots of action and that’s why her duplicate was seen rehearsing for the scenes at the Emirates Hotel. She is Ali Abbas’s favorite heroine and one of his closest friends so it is natural that she will be in his next project in some way. Also, he will make sure that Katrina’s star presence is justified in the movie and that she has a meaty role. They were planning to do a superhero movie together this year but that is on hold right now. Katrina is very hard-working and is said to have undergone a 14-day training with South Korean stunt designers for her action scenes in Tiger 3.”

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