LSC: Viacom 18 Rubbishes False Reporting Of A Leading Portal About Distributor Demanding Monies Back, Details HERE!

While buzz suggested that distributors have incurred losses, but the makers have confirmed that the scenario is completely different.

The producers and distributors of Aamir Khan starrer ‘Laal Singh Chadda’ have rubbished reports about some distributors demanding compensation for the dismal performance of the film. While buzz suggested that distributors have incurred losses, but the makers have confirmed to ETimes that the scenario is completely different.

Ajit Andhare, CEO of Viacom 18 Studios, denied all rumours about compensation for losses and told ETimes, “There are no external distributers, its being distributed by V18Studios, and no money is lost in the first place. Film is still running in theaters both in India & internationally. This is baseless speculation.”

In the majority of the major cities, the major studios have their own distribution networks, whereas in smaller towns, films are released to sub-distributors on a commission basis.

An exhibitor from North India said, “Most studios don’t sell their territories, it is always distributed directly. Even if we try asking for the rights, it is too expensive for us. And the reports of distributors asking for money in case of ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ is baseless as the producers are only distributors of the film.”

Another source informed ETimes that Aamir Khan will bear the losses, if any for this film. “In the last ten years, Aamir Khan has not charged a single rupee as his fee, which also includes his latest, ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’. So if there is even a loss, it only falls on Aamir’s shoulders without affecting any of the other partners. However, all the production cost was borne by both studio and production house. ‘Laal Singh Chaddha’ will break-even via all non theatrical earnings itself. Also, one can only discuss the profit and loss of the project at a later stage as it is still running in theatres currently.”

An industry insider informed that the claim that Aamir Khan was in profound shock over “Laal Singh Chaddha’s” failure was “not true.” Laal Singh Chaddha has made close to Rs 37.75 crore at the box office over a four-day extended weekend. The movie has managed to outperform the similarly timed release “Raksha Bandhan” at the box office.

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