Luv Ranjan’s next starring Ranbir & Shraddha Kapoor lands in trouble, here’s why!

A group of laborers protested at work once more, laying down their tools while the Ranbir Kapoor film's set was being built in Chitrakoot.

One of the most anticipated films is Luv Ranjan’s next, which stars Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. The film began production last year, and only a few schedules remain to be filled. In the middle of this, the film has once again run into difficulty due to labor unrest.

An unsavory incident occurred on the film’s set at Mumbai’s Royal Palms in Goregaon in March. Workers who had previously worked on a song for this film entered the set and halted production, stating that 350 members of their fraternity had not been paid in the amount of Rs 1 crore, 22 lakh.

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The cops eventually intervened and dragged the workers away to Aarey Police Station. However, the workers’ union eventually came to the police station to have them released. According to the ETimes, a group of laborers protested at work once more, laying down their tools while the Ranbir Kapoor film’s set was being built in Chitrakoot.

FWICE General Secretary Ashok Dubey confirmed the incident that occured with the Ranbir Kapoor film and said to the publication, “Yes, this happened today on the set of Luv Ranjan’s upcoming film. This is a move of unity with the workers, who have still not been paid. First, the batch of workers who toiled at Kandivli was not paid. Later, they shot at The Royal Palms where they called the second batch of workers, who also have not been fully paid – an amount to the tune of Rs 12.5 lakh is outstanding. Post that, they have been shooting at a set in Chitrakoot, Andheri. There, the shooting is going on in one set. They were making another set in the adjoining space, wherein the workers stopped working today. Here also, a new set of workers has been used.”

Ashok Dubey further explained that the incident happened after FWICE spoke to Luv Films but the latter refrained from taking up responsibility. “Unhone apne haath upar kar diye,” he said.

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