Mili Movie Review: Janhvi Kapoor Shows Maturity As An Actor In Rather Routine Survival Drama!

Manoj as a father is decent and the father-duo role looks beautiful.

Mili, a film released today, stars Janhvi Kapoor, which is directed by Mathukutty Xavier. It is said to be a remake of his own Malayalam film Helen, from Ritesh Shah’s screenplay. It also stars Manoj Pahwa, Sunny Kaushal. The mystery movie is a 2 hour 10 minute film.


It’s a survival drama about how a young girl battles for her life while remaining inside a restaurant’s freezer for more than five hours. She plays the character of a nursing graduate, who works part time in a fast-food store to back her father in terms of financial income. Moreover, she takes English lessons so she could get a job in Canada. Manoj Pahwa as Mili’s father, while Sunny Kaushal plays Mili’s boyfriend, Sameer.


Janhvi has a transformation in comparison to her earlier films. She acts as per scenes and improves in each. Manoj as a father is decent and the father-duo role looks beautiful. Sameer gets limited time but performs fine.


Its music is fine and the direction to background is fitting. The direction is seen as copied and can’t be called great. The screenplay is appropriate and put rightly. The script is okay. It tells a good story.

It will find it tough to score any sort of number at the box office. However, it could score 1.5 – 2 cr nett plus on day one.

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