Movie Review: Govinda Naam Mera Is A Good Festive Entertainment On OTT, Kiara Advani Steals The Show!



Govind A Waghmare aka Govinda (Kaushal) is a background dancer, who wishes to be a choreographer. He is balancing a ‘hotty’ wife Gauri played by Bhumi Pednekar at home, and has an extra marital affair with his ‘naughty’ girlfriend Suku played by Kiara Advani. When not shuttling between his women, Govinda is either thinking of some mischief with his lawyer friend (Amey Wagh) or taking care of his wheelchair-bound aai Asha Waghmare (Renuka Shahane), who is keen to get her late husband’s property back.


Shashank Khaitan’s story is contrived but entertaining . Shashank Khaitan’s screenplay is massy despite so many twists and different tracks. A few developments are surprising and keeps one hooked. However, there are a few issues with screenplay. Shashank Khaitan’s dialogues are witty but tries too hard at places and could had been funnier.

Shashank Khaitan’s direction is decent. The second half is lengthy. The intermission point is unexpected and the developments in climax are quite interesting.


Vicky Kaushal is good but little uncomfortable in over the top sequences. It’s more of Varun Dhawan film where Vicky is trying to fit too hard. Kiara Advani looks million bucks and simply ravishing. Bhoomi Pednekar has very interesting character and she does justice to it.

Renuka Shahane is over the top but her character is quite entertaining . Amey Wagh (Kaustubh Godbole) is dependable. Viraj Ghelani (Baldev Chaddha) puts up a decent act. Trupti Khakmkar (Manju) is funny. Dayanand Shetty reminds one of his act in the TV show ‘CID’ but due to quirks in his character, it stands out. Akshay Gunawat, Jeeva, Sayaji Shinde and Kenneth Desai (Judge) contribute to the fun. Veenah Naair and Wilson Tiger get no scope. Ranbir Kapoor and Shashank Khaitan (Anand Joshi) are fair in special appearances.

Technical Aspects:

Music is limited and average. Bijli is pacy and well-choreographed by Ganesh Acharya. Pappi Jhappi is an important part of the film while Kya Baat Ay 2.0 comes in the end credits with no use. John Stewart Eduri’s background score adds fun to the film.

Vidushi Tiwari’s cinematography is average. Amit Ray and Subrata Chakraborty’s production design is a bit over the top. Sheetal Sharma’s costumes are below par. Charu Shree Roy’s editing is uneven.


Govinda Naam Mera is decent festival watch and entertains you wholesome. Tighter script and better performance from male lead would had made it perfect. Nevertheless a good watch and spicy entertainer!

Critic Rating:


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