My WhatsApp Data Is Being Leaked: Kangana Ranaut Claims A ‘Casanova’ And ‘His Wife’ Are Spying On Her. Details Inside!

Kangana wrote on her story, “I am certain my WhatsApp data is being leaked professional deals or even personal life details.

Kangana Ranaut has always been making headlines for her uncensored opinions, whether it’s for speaking out unapologetically about biases in the Bollywood industry or pointing the finger at what she believes to be right or wrong. Kangana is currently trending online once more. 

Recently Kangana has been alleging that a member of the entertainment industry is spying on her. She continued to divulge several information about their life even though she did not name one of them.

The ‘Queen’ actress posted two remarks in Instagram’s story section on Sunday for those who weren’t following her. She claimed in the first note that despite her failure to provide the paparazzi any advance notice of her whereabouts, they had followed her to a dance class on Sunday. She continued by saying that a “Casanova” from the movie business might be responsible. She also added that his wife, in her opinion, had her house decorated in a similar way to hers.

Kangana wrote on her story, “I am certain my WhatsApp data is being leaked professional deals or even personal life details, this obsessed nepo mafia clown who once landed at my doorstep uninvited and forced himself on me is a known womaniser and Casanova but now vice president of nepo mafia brigade as well, forces his wife to become producer, do more female-centric films, dress like me even make home interiors like me they even hired my stylist and even home stylists of many years who then refused to work with me.”

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Referring to the spy couple, Kangana added, “Wife is encouraging this obsessive behavior; she even wore the same sari for her wedding that I had worn earlier for my brother’s wedding reception, it’s beyond creepy.” She signed off by adding, “how is he getting all this data and what all is he indulging in because if he gets in trouble she and her baby will be in trouble as well … she must take charge of her life and make sure he is not indulging in anything illegal… Much love to you dear girl and your newborn.”

Meanwhile, Kangana has recently wrapped filming Emergency, and she is currently working on Chandramukhi 2, her second Tamil-language project.

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