Netizens accuse Kangana Ranaut of using SSR’s name and Hindu card for her own benefit, trend #BoycottDhaakad on Twitter

Fans of Sushant Singh Rajput are now displeased with the actress, with the hashtag "Boycott Dhaakad" spreading on social media.

Fans of Sushant Singh Rajput have rallied against Kangana Ranaut. “Boycott Dhaakad” began trending on social media on the day of her film’s release. This is a stunning turn of events given Ranaut’s outspoken support for Sushant Singh Rajput following his death. One of the reasons for his suicide, she claimed, was the industry, with its nepotism and bullying.

Fans of Sushant Singh Rajput are now displeased with the actress, with the hashtag “Boycott Dhaakad” spreading on social media. The reason for this is Kangana Ranaut’s film, in which Arjun Rampal and Divya Dutta also appears. The NCB also summoned Rampal in connection with the Sushant Singh Rajput narcotics investigation. They’re also upset with Kangana visiting Arpita Khan’s Eid bash and lately praising Salman Khan.

“SSR Case Exposed Bollywood If hypocrisy had a face it would be Kangana Ranaut Opportunist No. 1 #BoycottBollywood #BoycottDhaakad,” wrote one user.

“I will #BoycottDhaakad Will you ?#BoycottBollywood Kangana ranaut is biggest opportunists & Hypocrite She is using everyone for her own benefit SSR Case Exposed Bollywood,” wrote another user.

Another fan tweeted, “Wake Up Hindus and show this chameleon her place” using hashtag ‘Boycott Kangana Ranaut’ and ‘Boycott Dhaakad’.

“Never forget how she used Sushant case for personal agenda. Justice never mattered to her , all that matter to her is name , fame , her benefit. That’s why now when her agenda is fulfilled , she support Bollywood.SSR Case Exposed Bollywood #BoycottDhaakad,” another user wrote.

“Kangana Bullywood mafia ko expose karne ki baat kar unhi ke eid party mein pahunch gayi girgit kise kehte hain ab smjhe,” commented a netizen.

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