Netizens Call Out Vivek Agnihotri After He Takes A Dig At Anurag Kashyap Over A ‘Misquoted’ Headline, Anurag Throws Sarcasm In Reply !

Netizens were quick to point out Vivek on him sharing an altered headline, which Anurag didn't say even.

Vivek Agnihotri, known for directing “The Kashmir Files”, often remains in limelight over his remarks either on actors or film or any related thing. This time he took a jibe at Deepika Padukone’s husband Ranveer Singh over his awards that he won for his movies.

A few days ago, as per Galatta Plus Anurag had said, “Films like Kantara and Pushpa give you courage to go out and tell your stories. But KGF 2, however big the success, when you try and emulate that and set a project up, that’s when you start heading towards disaster. That’s the bandwagon that Bollywood destroyed itself on. You have to find films that give you courage.”

Vivek shared a screenshot of the misquoted article’s headline that read, “Films like Kantara and Pushpa are destroying the industry: Anurag Kashyap”. Opposing Anurag for his views, Vivek stated, “I totally totally totally disagree with the views of Bollywood’s one & only Milord…Do you agree?”

Netizens were quick to point out Vivek on him sharing an altered headline, which Anurag didn’t say even. “First read what he said. He had nothing but praise about Kantara, Pushpa, RRR etc. He said people who simply copy Kantara or Pushpa without working on original content will not be successful. What is wrong in that?” Another user said, “Read the full article instead of a misleading and clickbait headline.”

Anurag further tweeted:

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