Netizens call Sohail Khan ‘very rude’ as his video greeting fans goes VIRAL

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Sohail Khan, a Bollywood star, was recently photographed in the city after spending a long period in his automobile. Later, when he noticed a few people waiting to meet them, he stopped by. He talked to them for a bit before leaving after a few minutes.

Meanwhile, Sohail’s deed touched many hearts, and he was dubbed the most modest man in the world and the true Being Human by everyone.

However, one of the users disagreed, accusing the actor of being polite for the cameras or being incredibly unpleasant otherwise. The famous photographer drew a lot of attention in the most recent viral video.

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One user denying that he s humble commented on the post, “Camera dekh ke kind banta hai , I have a personal experience with him, he is the most rude person I have met….”

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