Pathaan Blockbuster Effect: John Abraham’s Character Jim Set To Be A Part Of The YRF Spy Universe. New Details Inside!

The work on the project has reportedly not begun and it is said that the film will go on floors next year.

It would have been unlikely for many to anticipate that John Abraham would deliver one of his best performances in a movie that was supposed to solidify Shah Rukh Khan’s position as the ruler of Bollywood. However, when Pathaan was released, admirers of Abraham praised him for his depiction of Jim, the antagonist who presented a formidable challenge to Khan’s character.

“Jim is a much-loved character. Given that a mere glimpse of his character’s back story in Pathaan evoked such a positive response, the makers now want to show his heroics and the events that led him to become a fallen agent who lost hope in humanity, and turned into an evil mercenary,” Mid day quoted its source as saying.

The work on the project has reportedly not begun and it is said that the film will go on floors next year. “The plan is to integrate him into the YRF spy universe and establish deeper connections between his character and those of the other super-spies. The makers hope that each film will have a gamut of superstars flexing their presence to provide a larger-than-life theatrical experience,” its source added.

During a previous interview with mid-day, director Siddharth Anand expressed confidence in Jim’s return and was pleased with the love received by John. Jim’s storyline will intersect with Kabir, portrayed by Hrithik Roshan, in War as both characters were trained in the same spy agency in Khan’s film. The filmmakers have already begun to provide seamless indications of how these characters will interact in future works. Despite the scene in Pathaan where Jim falls into a valley, implying his demise, the audience, accustomed to Ekta Kapoor’s serials, knows that may not be the case. The YRF spokesperson was unavailable for comment when it contacted.

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