Pathaan Vibes: YRF Drops John Abraham Special Video About Pathaan,John Speaks About Larger Than Life Extravaganza!

Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Pathaan’ is red hot in trade and it’s advances have surprise one and all. Film is on killing spree in overseas as well as in India. YRF has globe for unconventional marketing with no interviews, city tours and mall visits.

YRF dropped special video of SRK and now today special video of John Abraham has come out. John has spoken about his special bond with Aditya Chopra who gave his career defining film ‘Dhoom’, a special film ‘New York’ and his personal favourite ‘Kabul Express’. ‘Pathaan’ is massive big screen experience and not only India but whole world is waiting for return of super star Shah Rukh Khan.

Watch the video :

John also spoke about brilliance of Sidharth Anand and his Hollywood style making. John also spoke about Deepika Padukone and how much she fond of her.

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Film is set to release on 25th January and advances will be in full swing from tomorrow.

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