Project K: Fans Confused as Makers Alter Prabhas’ Look – Spot the Changes!

Prabhas, the renowned actor, unveiled his initial look for the upcoming movie Project K, which unexpectedly received a negative response from his fans. In response to the backlash, the production house decided to make some cosmetic alterations to the poster and subsequently released a revised version without acknowledging the modifications made. The makers quietly replaced the original poster on their social media platforms with the updated one.

Prabhas revealed his first look on Wednesday. In the picture, he is looking straight into the camera with strands of hair falling on his face. The background shows destroyed buildings, and the poster includes the words “What is Project K.

Initially, fans expressed their dissatisfaction with Prabhas’s first look, criticizing it for resembling a poorly done visual effects job. Some even commented that his appearance seemed like an extension of his character from the movie Adipurush. However, in the most recent version of the poster, there are noticeable differences. Prabhas is portrayed looking away from the camera, and slight modifications have been made to the special effects. Moreover, the backdrop no longer features ruined structures as before.

Project K’s Updated Poster

The latest poster appears to have failed in its attempt to impress the fans. On Twitter, users expressed their disappointment with one user criticizing the editing and poster selection, while another remarked that it didn’t meet the high expectations set by the hype. A deeply dissatisfied fan conveyed that although the appearance was good, the editing fell short. They anxiously await the film’s glimpse to determine whether it will achieve the success of Bahubali or receive mixed reviews like Adipurush. The fan even suggested changing the editors and questioned if the poster was fan-made rather than official.

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Despite the negative feedback from some fans, there were also those who praised the latest version of the poster. They considered it an improvement over the earlier release and expressed their approval for the changes made.

Prabhas and Kamal Haasan are currently in the United States to unveil the teaser of their upcoming movie, Project K, at the renowned San Diego Comic Con. The film’s team has initiated promotional activities at Comic Con’s hall H. Directed by Nag Ashwin, Project K features esteemed actors Deepika Padukone and Amitabh Bachchan in significant roles.

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