Ram Charan and Vijay Sethupathi’s Epic Face Off In A Pan-India Film By Buchi Babu Sana

It has been rumored for some time that Ram Charan and Buchi Babu Sana are planning to work together on a new project. More details are emerging about the potential collaboration and its cast. The film is expected to go on floors in January next year with Buchi Babu Sana and Ram Charan as the main leads

According to strong reports, the film will start its shooting in the beginning of next year. There is more thrilling news about the cast of the film. It seems that Vijay Sethupathi will portray a significant role in the film. The skilled actor will not be just another character, but he will be the main villain of the film.

Ram Charan & Vijay Sethupathi In Movie By Uppena’s Buchi Babu Sana.

Vijay sethupati has faced some of the biggest stars in the country as an antagonist. He has challenged superstars like Thalapathy Vijay, Shah Rukh Khan, and Kamal Haasan. Vijay Sethupathi has always given a tough fight and stood his ground as a villain, no matter who he was up against

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The reports suggest that Ram Charan and Vijay Sethupathi will team up for a big-screen showdown as the hero and the villain, respectively. Another interesting piece of news is that the film is expected to have A R Rahman as the music composer. The involvement of A R Rahman in the film surely increases the anticipation for it even more.

Buchi Babu Sana Directs Pan-India Film With Ram Charan As lead.

The film is reportedly a joint production of Vriddhi Cinemas and Sukumar Writings, a banner owned by Sukumar. The film is expected to be a pan-Indian blockbuster. This news is not unexpected, as both Jr NTR and Ram Charan have impressed audiences across the country with their success in S S Rajamouli’s RRR.

Hence, both of the actors’ upcoming projects will aim to leverage their huge popularity and fan base that spans the nation. Ram Charan also has another promising film in the pipeline, with S Shankar as the director, Game Changer

Vijay Sethupathi Shoots New Promo For Jawan

According to sources, Vijay Sethupathi recently shot for a special promo video for Jawan in Mumbai, which will be released soon to create a buzz around the film. The source said, “Sethupathi had been shooting for Vetri Maaran’s Viduthalai 2. He also has a web series with Kaaka Muttai Manikandan, which is currently progressing at a brisk pace. Amidst this, he shot for a promo for Jawan in Mumbai.”

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