Rana Daggubati Apologizes To Sonam Kapoor With A Heartfelt Message After Online Backlash

At a recent event for King of Kotha, a movie starring Dulquer Salmaan, Rana Daggubati praised the Sita Ramam actor for his peaceful personality. A video clip from the event has become viral, in which Rana narrated an episode about Dulquer’s calmness and patience while working with a famous Bollywood actress on a Hindi film set. Rana did not reveal the name of the actress, but online users quickly guessed that he was talking about Sonam Kapoor and that the episode happened during the filming of The Zoya Factor.

Rana Daggubati Admires Dulquer Salmaan’s Polite Personality

Rana Daggubati revealed that he knew Dulquer as a courteous person from their acting school days, where they became friends. “He is very well-mannered. He was working on a Hindi film and the shooting was near my place. I went there to see everyone as the producers are my buddies. He was in the corner with the spot boy, while a famous Hindi actress who was in the film was busy talking on the phone about shopping in London with her spouse. She was not paying attention and the shots were not good, which annoyed everyone on the set. Dulquer handled the situation with patience and empathy, easing the stress and keeping the atmosphere friendly,” Rana said. He also added that he was very upset and even complained to the producers about the actress’ conduct

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Rana Daggubati Clears His Stand

As a result of this, Rana faced a lot of online criticism towards Sonam Kapoor as people assumed that he was talking about her even though he did not mention any names. Because of this, the South actor apologized to both Sonam and Dulquer on Twitter and explained the situation.

He wrote, “I am genuinely troubled by the negativity that has been aimed at Sonam due to my comments, that are totally untrue and were meant entirely in a light-hearted manner. As friends, we often exchange playful banter, and I deeply regret that my words have been misinterpreted. I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt apologies to Sonam and Dulquer, both of whom I hold in great esteem. I hope this clarification puts an end to any speculation and misunderstanding. Thank you for your understanding

Dulquer Salmaan played a cricket player in the movie The Zoya Factor, where Sonam Kapoor was an advertising professional. The film was based on a novel with the same name by Anuja Chauhan and came out on September 20, 2019

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