RRR: 18-20 crores were wasted in promoting S S Rajamouli’s magnum opus, details inside!

According to sources in Hyderabad, Rajamouli was "adamant" about the release this time.

Approximately Rs. 18-20 crores were squandered on the promotion of S S Rajamouli’s widely awaited magnum opus RRR, which has been postponed indefinitely because to the Covid comeback. According to sources in Hyderabad, Rajamouli was “adamant” about the release this time. “And he had the backing of everyone who counted in the project, from the producers to the actors. But when the situation got worse, Rajamouli had to back down.”

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The filmmakers have spent a whopping Rs 18-20 crores on a zero-result promotional campaign for the January 7 release. This includes a budget of Rs. 2-3 crore for sending Ramcharan and NTR Jr, RRR’s two starring men, to promotional events outside of Andhra Pradesh.

A source reveals, “Rajamouli is aware that his two leading men in RRR have a minimal fan following outside Andhra. For the media/marketing events in Mumbai and other cities outside, Andhra fans were flown and put up in luxury hotels. All they had to do was applaud, cheer and whistle for their demi-gods in exchange of the hospitality.”

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According to sources, the gamble is unlikely to pay off. In the Hindi-speaking belt, everyone from Rajnikanth and Kamal Haasan to Dulquer Salman and Prabhas has been a disappointment. Baahubali, starring Prabhas, was a huge hit in the North. However, his follow-up film, the opulent and expensive Saaho, failed in the Hindi belt. The remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s smash Zanjeer, Ramcharan’s Hindi debut, was a colossal disappointment.


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