RRR Director Rajamouli Makes a BIG Statement at The Golden Globe Awards, Says ‘I Make Films for Money, Not for…’!

Director SS Rajamouli is creating waves in the Indian Cinema. His latest film, ‘RRR’, is expected to break India’s Oscar drought and earn a lot more Academy Award nominations. The last Indian film to receive an Oscar nomination was Aamir Khan’s Lagaan in 2001. While Rajamouli appears to be running a high-voltage campaign for ‘RRR’ in Hollywood, he does not appear to be too concerned if the film does not receive nominations.

In a latest interview with a Hollywood Reporter, SS Rajamouli revealed his main desire behind making blockbuster movies. Rajamouli mentioned that he does not only make movies for the awards but for the box office success.

“I make films for money, I make films for the audiences. I don’t make films for critical acclaim. RRR is a commercial film, and once my film commercially does well, I’m very happy. Awards are an extension to it. It is for the hard work that my unit put in and I’m happy for that,” Rajamouli said.

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In that case, Rajamaouli has outperformed expectations in terms of RRR’s global box office performance. ‘RRR’ became a major contender in major award shows in the United States, and it made history when it won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song for Naatu Naatu. Rajamouli has also received accolades from major US publications and television shows. The director appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, a popular late-night television show. And the film gave him the chance to join hands with some popular Hollywood directors, including James Cameron and Steven Spielberg.

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