RRR: THIS is the reason why SS Rajamouli is not in a mood to postpone the film even after the virus scare!

Since the makers of Jersey revealed that the film would no longer be released on December 31, there has been a lot of talk about RRR being pushed back from its original January 7 release date. However, the film will not be postponed at this moment.

“SS Rajamouli and the team of RRR had requested multiple film producers – from Bheemla Nayak to F3 and Sarkaru Vaari Paata – to delay their release to make way for RRR. The team was of the belief that a film made on a budget as huge as RRR wanted to make the most during the festive season of Pongal and Sankranti. All the producers were gracious enough to delay the film to make way for RRR. The producers of all films announced their new release dates too and planned their schedules as per the new dates. RRR is the only film to release in AP and Telangana on January 7,” a trade source from Hyderabad informed Bollywood Hungama.

“It would be unfair on the producers of other films if RRR is delayed now. The Andhra Pradesh – Telangana market is completely functional. The government there too resolved the on-going ticket rate issues for RRR to ensure a grand release on January 7. Now, if they delay the film keeping the Hindi market in mind, all the stakeholders in the local belt would be disappointed as efforts were taken to ensure the most smooth release of RRR in AP and TG. That aside, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala are also functioning without much of ado. The release issue as of now is only in Hindi and changing the date for that market would upset the people in all other territories,” the source explained.

There’s however a catch: RRR has already sold $3 million worth of tickets in the international belt, and the number is growing by the hour. There is an unbelievable mania going on in other countries, and it would be tough to refund tickets at the last minute because advance sales are in full force, with tickets selling like hotcakes. Above and beyond that, the team has gone all out on the marketing front, revealing all of their assets and spent a fortune to raise awareness of India’s largest film to date. If there is a delay, all of the spendings will go haywire. Overall, the RRR team is certain to lose money in either case, and it’s really disappointing to see this happen to India’s largest film to date.

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