Sanya Malhotra Reflects On Her Collaborations With Aamir Khan And Shah Rukh Khan

Sanya Malhotra, who has collaborated with Aamir Khan in the film Dangal and is set to work with Shah Rukh in the upcoming movie Jawan, believes that their mutual dedication to their craft elevates them to the status of superstars.

Sanya Malhotra’s journey in the film industry has been nothing short of a dream come true, starting with her debut in the highly successful movie Dangal (2016) alongside Aamir Khan and now gearing up for her upcoming film Jawan, directed by Atlee, where she will be sharing screen space with Shah Rukh Khan. Working with these two iconic superstars has not only bestowed Malhotra with invaluable knowledge but has also shed light on the key to their unparalleled accomplishments. According to her, it is their exemplary professionalism and unwavering passion for their craft and the movies they choose that truly sets them apart and justifies their well-deserved stardom.

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Upcoming Films Of Sanya Malhotra

In addition to her involvement in the film Jawan, Sanya Malhotra has an exciting lineup of movies this year, including Sam Bahadur directed by Meghna Gulzar and the highly anticipated adaptation of the Malayalam drama The Great Indian Kitchen (2021). Recreating and retelling a critically acclaimed film can often be a challenging task. However, under the guidance of director Arati Kadav, Malhotra aims to bring the impactful story of a newlywed bride feeling suffocated in a patriarchal household to a wider audience.

She expresses confidence in their film, believing that the audience will embrace it just as they did the original. Recognizing the importance of the narrative, Malhotra states that the feminist theme of the movie deeply resonated with her, emphasizing that her choice to take on such roles is a conscious decision. Gender politics consistently plays a significant role in her film selection process.

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