Sumit Arora Shares Insight on Positive Feedback for Dahaad and His Enriching Experience Working on Jawan with Shah Rukh Khan

Sumit Arora may not be a well-known name among most viewers, but he has played a significant role as a writer for some incredibly memorable films and shows in recent years. He has contributed his talents to projects like Stree (2018), The Family Man Season 1 (2019), ’83 (2021), and the recently premiered show, Dahaad (2023). Surprisingly, many of the popular memes you’ve shared from these titles were crafted by his brilliant dialogues. Adding to his accomplishments, Sumit Arora has also written the dialogues for the highly anticipated film, Jawan, featuring the superstar Shah Rukh Khan. But that’s not all; he has also showcased his directing skills in the delightful show, Little Things.

During an exclusive interview, Sumit Arora candidly discussed various aspects such as the reception of Dahaad, his personal journey, noteworthy films and shows he has worked on, and many other intriguing topics.

Response To Dahaad

The response to Dahaad has been overwhelmingly positive. From the beginning, we had a strong belief in the show’s quality, and we were fortunate to have an exceptional team led by the talented Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar. Collaborating with them was a long-held aspiration of mine. As a dialogue writer, Dahaad presented a unique challenge as it required navigating tense scenes while still incorporating impactful punchlines. I had to find creative ways to add those punches within the constraints of the narrative.

During my childhood, I had the privilege of spending time at my best friend’s home, which happened to be in the police quarters due to her father’s profession as a police officer. It became a routine for me to head straight to their place after school, much to my mother’s dismay who expected me to come home first. The reason I mention this is because when I was approached for Dahaad, I knew it was a police procedural show. Hence, my goal was to infuse a distinctive style and dialogue into this particular setting. Having observed police officers up close, I noticed their tendency to employ sarcasm in their conversations. This seems to be a common trait among cops across different cities and states. They rarely communicate straightforwardly; their speech is always filled with twists and turns. I believe this stems from their training to approach everything with suspicion. This attribute is particularly prominent in the character portrayed by Sonakshi Sinha, who delivers her lines with a hint of sarcasm.

One of the standout moments in the show involves a humorous dialogue where she questions the police officer, saying, “Bas me brake hai?” (Smiling) Those kinds of instances truly made the process of writing dialogues for Dahaad a distinct and enjoyable experience for me. Additionally, the show also incorporated a layer of social commentary that added depth to the narrative.

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Experience Of Working On Jawan With Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan’s character as a person is truly remarkable. It’s astonishing how genuinely good he is. Even before having the chance to work with him, I had heard stories of his amazing nature, and I can confidently say that collaborating with him was an absolute joy. It’s a rare and extraordinary opportunity to work with him, not only because he is a massive superstar but also because he possesses such exceptional qualities as a human being. I have yet to encounter someone quite like him.

Upcoming Films

In addition to Jawan, I am currently involved in a few other projects. One of them is Kabir Khan’s upcoming film featuring Kartik Aaryan, where I have contributed to the story, screenplay, and dialogues. I have also written dialogues for Raj-DK’s Guns & Gulaabs, which is set to release on Netflix soon. Furthermore, I have been working on the dialogues for Citadel, another project supported by Raj & DK, starring Varun Dhawan and Samantha Ruth Prabhu.

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