‘The Public Doesn’t Want It, You Want It’: Raees Director Rahul Dholakia Slams Prasoon Joshi For ‘Re-Censoring’ Pathaan

Before it was released, ‘Pathaan’ came under fire from some so called religious groups, and boycott demands were made.

Rahul Dholakia, a director who has worked with Shah Rukh Khan and is familiar with his censorship, spoke about the controversy that surrounded SRK’s most recent movie, ‘Pathaan’. In addition to directing the critically acclaimed drama Parzania, Rahul was the man behind the camera for Shah Rukh in the movie Raees.

Before it was released, ‘Pathaan’ came under fire from some so called religious groups, and boycott demands were made. The imagery in the song “Besharam Rang,” according to certain religious organisations, hurt their religious emotions. Following the proposal from CBFC chairperson Prasoon Joshi to YRF, changes were made to the song in the theatrical version. He stated in his statement, “CBFC always has a difficult responsibility to strike the correct balance between public sensibilities and artistic expressions and we have stayed true to this spirit in the certification on film ‘Pathaan’ too.”

Rahul Dholakia stated in an interview with Connect FM Canada, “What I really did not like was the whole idea of the picture being re-censored.“

“That is everything I do. It was inappropriate of Prasoon Joshi and whoever worked for the CBFC to re-censor a movie that had previously been censored due to moral concerns. It shouldn’t have been done since it sets a bad precedent. I now want to know which morality group they were alluding to based on how many people have gone to watch it. Therefore, the notion that the ‘public wants it to be censored’ is absurd. The general populace opposes it. You desire it. Many people from the public have come to witness it,” Rahul added.

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