THROWBACK: Marvel Director Joe Russo Once Revealed Salman Khan Would Be Best For The Role Of Hulk

The filmmaker admitted that he is a huge Salman Khan fan.

India has a sizable fan base for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it is always a grand welcome for the directors and actors that visit there to meet their fans. Joe Russo was welcomed with open arms by the fans when he landed in India, and he was equally astounded by how Bollywood films operate.

Joe Russo was seen in an interview praising Salman Khan’s Dabangg as he arrived in Mumbai, India, for the promotional event for the release of the Marvel anthem, which was composed by A.R. Rahman. The filmmaker admitted that he adored the way the film was shot and that he was a huge Salman fan. When asked about how he was able to watch these movies he said, “For the last seven years, I have been able to watch a lot of stuff other than these movies in the edit room. But when I get into airplanes and I have to travel a lot, I like to catch up on movies, especially global cinema,”

Joe Russo further added, “I remember reading about ‘Dabangg’ so when I got into the plane, it was on there and I watched it and I loved it. I loved the camera work and the tone. It’s very entertaining. It reminded me of some of the work we did in Community.”

Later, when asked which role would best suit both Salman and Rajinikanth, the filmmaker wasted no time in responding that Rajinikanth would be ideal as Iron Man and Salman would make a fantastic Hulk.

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