Axone Review: A Rare Slice-Of-Life Portrayal Of The Life Of North Easterners

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Axone Review: A Rare Slice-Of-Life Portrayal Of The Life Of North Easterners
Axone Review: A Rare Slice-Of-Life Portrayal Of The Life Of North Easterners


Axone which is pronounced as ‘Akhuni’ ❲particularly pungent ingredient used in Naga cuisine❳, is a 1 hour 37 minute film about friendship, racism, and culture. Axone stars Sayani Gupta, Lin Laishram, Tenzing Dalha, Lanuakum Ao, Rohan Joshi, Merenla Imsong, Asenla Jamir, Dolly Ahluwalia, Vinay Pathak, and has a guest appearance from Adil Hussain.

The story revolves around Chanbi (Laishram) and Upasana (Sayani) trying to cook a special pork-based dish Akhuni for her friend Minam’s (Jamir) wedding. However, things didn’t go as planned for them, because of the particularly pungent smell of the dish they were not allowed to cook it anywhere including their own apartment. The story went on with some subplots and exposed the racist thoughts of people especially for people from the Northeast.


With amazing actors like Dolly Ahluwalia, Vinay Pathak, and Sayani Gupta all other actors have done surprisingly well in the film. We can almost feel the pain and catastrophic damage that happens to people, who suffer from racism and harassment on a daily basis.
Special mention for the well-meaning neighborhood kid Shiv, who goes beyond to help this group of friends. Shiv, performed by Rohan Joshi is the only actor who manages to crack you up in the entire film.


Nicholas Kharkongor helmed the film and we must say he did justice to it. From showing us the small lanes to typically middle-class Delhi neighborhood to taking care of minute details of each character. Nicholas showed some witty parts that make you laugh and some make you feel angry and question yourself. Since there is no full-fledged story based on racism and harassment, this attempt of Nicholas is commendable.

Technical Departments:

Since the film has shown us one-day events of the characters and most of the subplots show a flashback, it doesn’t take you to any fairyland with extraordinary VFX. A decent job has been done here.


Music director Tajdar Junaid gave a special touch to the film by adding cultural sound to it. Although you may not understand the background songs it feels good with the screenplay.


The film talks about the elephant in the room and opens the conversation about the unfair happenings with ‘North Easterns’ in the country. The basic message with the film has been delivered quite well. This will open the door for discussions about racism. Since the world is out there talking about racism and harassment these days after a few unfortunate events, this film adds fuel to the fire.

Critics Rating:

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Thumbs Up

  • Performances
  • Story

Thumbs Down

  • Music at some extent

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