Malang Review: All Style & No Soul!

Overall, Malang pretends to be what it's not. It's not a proper thriller and that's what makes it away from the film. Can totally skip it.
Malang Review: All Style & No Soul!
Malang Review: All Style & No Soul!


As the title goes, Malang is all about letting the artificial you go in order to find the real you. We’ve four such people whose destiny align in Goa without any plan. Advait (Aditya Roy Kapur) is a lost guy finding himself on a backpacking trip in Goa. He meets Sara (Disha Patani) over there who is in Goa just to live the life for herself. They get in a lot of drugs but strengthen their bonds.

On the other hand, we’ve two officers, Michael (Kunal Kemmu) from the special squad and Agashey (Anil Kapoor) from the Crime Branch. Both of them have a contrasting way to work but they are like each other when it comes to fighting personal battles. It’s all about how both of these officers meet Advait and Sara changing their lives forever.


Aseem Arora pens a non-linear script which is pretty easy to get the hang on. Then current scenario happens in one night before Christmas, but we see a whole lot of flashback leading us to how it got where it’s today. Problem is, though the structure of the story is pretty strong there’s not enough content to keep you glued to the seats.


Performances of all the four leads play a major role in losing this golden opportunity. Apart from Kunal Kemmu’s subtle act, there’s nothing remarkable happening in this department. Aditya Roy Kapur stays uni-dimensional and so is Disha Patani. Anil Kapoor hams like there’s no tomorrow despite sharing a couple of really good scenes.


Mohit Suri is yet again on a quest to mix-up emotions with thrills and this time too he isn’t able to replicate what he did in Awarapan, Kalyug or even Ek Villain. All the above-mentioned films had a strong emotional connect working in their favour. This one focuses on the thrilling part of skipping the emotional one.


All of Mohit Suri movies come with a present of good music. This time, it’s just not there. Even good songs like Hum Phir Na Mile Kabhi were placed wrongly losing the impact.

Technical Departments:

Aniruddha Guha brings out the style of the film bit couldn’t add anything extra to the draggy script. Vikas Sivaraman’s camera captures the Goa like never before. Editing (Devendra Murdeshwar) could’ve been tighter and at times things get dull.


Overall, Malang pretends to be what it’s not. It’s not a proper thriller and that’s what makes it away from the film. Can totally skip it.

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