Atrangi Re Review: Akshay Kumar, Sara Ali Khan, Dhanush deliver a hatke love story with staggering music & performances!

AR Rahman's music adds to the suspense of the story. He's a genius, and the soundtrack to Atrangi Re confirms his place among India's best.

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Aanand L Rai keeps true to the title in Atrangi Re, creating atrangi – strange – characters and events. Rinku (Sara Ali Khan) has a habit of fleeing her house in search of Sajjad, her lover (Akshay Kumar). She believes he is waiting for her and that the only way for him to show his love is for them to elope and married. Is there anything wrong with the concept? But wait, Rinku’s family has something else in mind. They intend to marry her off forcibly to a Tamil Brahmin named Vishnu (Dhanush) in order to effectively rid her of her and ensure she never returns.

What follows is an out-of-this-world love triangle between Rinky, Sajjad, and Vishnu. Yes, imagination plays a significant role in Atrangi Re’s perplexing notion. Rai throws in a huge shock that proves to be a critical turning point in the story.


Sajjad, played by Akshay Kumar, is a strange, funny jester, a madman who conjures up feats from his circus hat and can change the weather with a click of his fingers. The modest Vishnu, on the other hand, gets unwittingly caught up in a drama he never intended to be a part of. Dhanush is a fantastic fit for this role, and his performance is easily the film’s strongest aspect. Rinku, played by Sara Ali Khan, appears to be a role tailor-made for her. Rinku has verbal diarrhoea, a lot of spunk, and appears to be a ticking time bomb. Ashish Verma, who plays Vishnu’s friend Madhusudhan, delivers excellent support and consistently injects a healthy dose of humour.

Technical Departments:

When it comes to storytelling, Aanand L Rai takes the simplest path to an exceedingly intricate destination. He makes it a point to keep the suspense alive by developing items on the fly as he moves closer to the finish line. He always attempts to strike a good balance between humour and humour, but this is his most original attempt at telling a tale.

Rai’s greatest strength has always been his screenplay. Even the most mundane language is brought to life by his characters. In Atrangi Re, however, the entire film revolves around the three pillars of Sara, Akshay, and Dhanush. It would have been interesting to see the tale spiced up with more supporting characters.

The unifying thread that unites these three characters is love, however there are various points in the story where logic and reason are thrown out for the sake of theatrics. Also, the film’s pace, especially in the second half, will put your patience to the test.


Tumhein Mohabat Hai and Rait Zara Si will always be in our playlist. The songs, in Rahman’s manner, aren’t just tunes; they’re also extended conversations for the story. Every background score is on point too.

AR Rahman’s music adds to the suspense of the story. He’s a genius, and the soundtrack to Atrangi Re confirms his place among India’s best. The lyrics of Irshad Kamil only add to the meatiness of his craft.


While there are sections of the film that will leave you perplexed and wanting more information, the film does not fail to entertain. There’s a novel plot here, as well as an engaging cast of characters, a fun music, and some excellent performances. This could be your pick of the week if you’re looking for a hatke musical love story.

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