Attack Review: John Abraham’s fast-paced hostage drama does not deliver a nail-biting excitement!

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In Attack – Part 1, John Abraham plays Arjun Shergill, a one-man army on a mission to preserve the country. However, the storyline and performances of the characters in Attack stand out. In terms of plot, this is the most developed of all of John’s films. John’s Arjun, has an IRA chip implanted in him that allows him to walk, fight, and basically survive. He is seen in a huge laboratory, where a super serum is poured into his veins. All of this is done with the help of a scientist, played by Rakul Preet Singh, in order to build a new breed of super-soldiers to combat the nation’s adversaries. Jacqueline plays John’s love interest, but she doesn’t have much to do with the plot.

Technical Departments:

Attack, directed by debutante Lakshay Raj Anand, is an intriguing yet lifeless combination of Eastern ideas and Western storytelling. While Attack may appear to be refreshingly innovative in an industry that has largely avoided the genre, it may feel derivative to certain viewers.

However, the sequences with Jacqueline breathe new life into both Arjun’s life and the film as a whole. The emotional parts are also quite interesting. The twists have also been brilliantly fleshed out. You’ll be startled every time terrorists make a move. Attack is jam-packed with adrenaline-pumping action stunts that the audience will love.

The visual effects of Attack are likewise outstanding. It captures your attention right away. However, it becomes excessive near the end. Lakshay has done a fantastic job with the action sequences; they are cutting-edge and take full advantage of digital improvements. The storyline is flawless, and the drama and pranks keep you amused from beginning to end.


When he’s on national duty, whether as a spy or a vigilante, John Abraham is at his finest. In Attack, he wears his patriotism like a comfortable garment. He seamlessly transitions from romantic lover to military, and he performs both roles convincingly. Jacqueline is a charming actress who plays a nice foil to John’s more sombre persona. Rakul is a perfect fit for her character.


We can attest that it was not a bad try for India’s first super-soldier film. Apart from John Abraham’s casting, Attack stands out for its VFX and fresh concepts, all of which are encased in a slick coating of modern sci-fi.

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