Bell Bottom Review: Akshay Kumar offers a power-packed thriller, Lara Dutta & Adil Hussain stand out!



In ‘Bell Bottom,’ Akshay Kumar plays a RAW agent who accomplishes the daunting task of winning back a hijacked jet and successfully landing it on Indian territory with all passengers alive and no violence. Throughout it is sleek and smoothly executed.

Anshul, played by Akshay Kumar, is motivated not only by a sense of duty, but also by a personal loss. His mother, represented by Dolly Ahluwalia, was an asthmatic who died when a Pakistani hijacked an Indian aeroplane. The hijackers had denied her life-saving oxygen, and she had died as a result. As a result, Akshay Kumar’s character is determined, and goal-oriented.

Technical Departments:

The plot is engrossing, and each character has a backstory or a surprising twist that keeps the audience engaged. The first half’s editing could have been tighter, but the second half is so slick and fast-paced that you won’t know when it’s over.

The visual effects (VFX) could have been more impressive. Although the film was shot in Scotland, you never get the impression that any shortcuts were taken with the story’s realism. A special mention should go to the production designer who reproduced the 1980s.

While the second half of the film is full of suspense, the build-up to the climax is breathtaking. However, just when you are on the verge of noticing something significant, it is already finished. Yes, the film’s finale is brief; but, a bit more conflict might have created better impact.


Bell Bottom is Akshay Kumar’s code name in the film, in which he plays a RAW agent, and believe us when we say that the actor will impress you with his courageous portrayal. While this is not Akshay’s strong suit, watching him play the part is a joy in and of itself. Along with Adil, Akshay offers some witty lines that you will undoubtedly remember.

Despite the fact that Vaani Kapoor provides for the story’s ultimate surprise, we wish we could see more of her. Given the actress’s past performances, her character in this film deserved a little more seriousness. Despite her limited screen time, Vaani’s performance is not to be overlooked.

Even though Huma has just a small role as a covert agent in the film, she does an excellent job in it. Her presence in the plot adds to the drama. Adil, on the other hand, is a standout as a RAW officer and Akshay Kumar’s boss. Adil, as always, is pushing the boundaries with this one. Let’s not forget that Adil delivers some fantastic dialogues throughout the movie.

When Lara’s appearance from the film was presented for the first time, all were taken aback. And, despite the fact that such a character normally comes with a lot of baggage, it appears like Lara has lived up to the hype. She is excellent in her portrayal of the late Prime Minister. Her mannerisms, body language, and temperament are all spot on.


The songs are limited, but they are well-placed. The gurudwara song ‘Khair Mangdi’ and the title track ‘Dhoom Taraa’ stood out, both of which will linger long even after you leave the theatre.


Overall, Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom is a treat that we have been anticipating for a long time. After the ultimate scarcity of films in theatres, the best film that have been released.

Bell Bottom Review












Thumbs Up

  • Power Packed Performances
  • Amazing Background Score
  • Gripping Storyline

Thumbs Down

  • First half a little slow paced
  • Vaani Kapoor's character lazily written

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