Dobaaraa Review: Anurag Kashayp’s Film Is Another Tepid Remake, Taapsee Is The Only Good Thing About Film

The Taapsee Pannu-led film comes off as being too confusing.


The 1990s is the setting for Anurag Kashyap’s adaption of the 2018 Spanish thriller Mirage, which takes place one night during an electric storm. Then disaster strikes when Raja Ghosh’s (Saswata Chatterjee) neighbour, teenage kid Anay, who also happened to be a murder witness at his home, is killed. Cut to 25 years, Antra Awasthi (Taapsee Pannu) and her family—daughter Avanti and husband Vikas (Rahul Bhat)—are now residing in Anay’s home.

Taapsee’s character Antara discovers a TV in her new house’s closet where she discovers a boy who is 12 years old talking to her from 25 years ago. The plot of Dobaaraa centres around Taapsee’s effort to rescue this young kid, who speaks to her over the television. She tries, but messing with time’s structure leads her astray. The following morning, she awakens to find that her life has changed, her husband is now wed to someone else, and her kid never existed. The remainder of the movie focuses on Antara’s desperate efforts to grab her life back before it’s too late. The storm that serves as the backdrop for the movie is actually crucial to its main plot.

Technical Departments:

Dobaaraa doesn’t has that Anurag Kashyap stamps of intrigue and surprise, which are the biggest mysteries than the film itself. Even though his career had some milestone films, none of his earlier movies were as tepid as this one.

The movie’s emotional impact is diminished as a result of the various plotlines that could have been managed. Antara, for instance, is depicted as a woman who sadly lost certain memories while keeping others. But the plot insisted on throwing her wildly from one improbable situation to the next. No matter how bizarre the circumstances may be, there’s a loss of feeling that one would hope for in a movie about a mother and child being separated. A little simpler film would had been better.

Some puzzles captivate you because of their intelligence and complexity. Dobaaraa comes off too jumbled and disjointed. The characters keep straying off on tangents, the interest disappears, and the film flattens; it’s challenging to keep track of the several things happening in the time zones the movie flits between.

The movie isn’t overly long at two hours and fifteen minutes, but it could have been much better with a little less time.


Without a question, Taapsee Pannu is Doobaara’s star. She has often shown that she can bravely carry a film and that’s what she does. She embodies her role to the fullest. Pavail Gulati, on the other hand, allows Taapsee take centre stage, yet he still excels. The actor presents his part with the composure and intensity it demands.


The Taapsee Pannu-led film comes off as being too confusing. The numerous events that are taking on in the various time zones that the film switches between are difficult to follow.

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