Good Luck Jerry Review: Janhvi Kapoor’s Film Is A Rare Dark Comedy From Bollywood, A Fun Watch!

Good Luck Jerry is nevertheless entertaining to watch, particularly because of its cast.


The lead character of the film is Jaya Kumari, also known as Jerry (Janhvi Kapoor), who accidentally messes up a drug gang’s business and ends up becoming a cocaine messenger. She quickly rises to the position of the most prized pusher in their business, and as a result, she earns all the money required to cover her mother’s (Mita Vashisht) cancer treatment. Things start to soon get out of hand as she starts to feel like leaving after seeing two executions.

Technical Departments:

There are movies whose sole purpose is to entertain, and Good Luck Jerry entertains despite some crude humor. Once again, the main family and some of the characters’ ability to pull off slapstick comedy are responsible for the movie’s fun.

The direction of Siddharth Sen is quite good. He succeeds in turning the screenplay he has into a maze. He addresses issues such as gender equality and the lens through which many people view people from the North East. It’s excellent how he frames them and grants them power.

Since it’s a dark comedy, you can’t help but chuckle while dreading the villains who are capable of awful things. That is exactly what the script does. It succeeds in creating a humorous setting around the villains while maintaining your fear of them by adding a ton of new situational humor. a difficult task that was expertly completed.

The cinematography of Rangarajan Ramabadran is excellent. The production design by Madhur Madhavan and Swapnil Bhalerao is realistic, particularly the set for Jerry’s home. The editing by Prakash Chandra Sahoo and Zubin Sheikh is good, although the second half drags.


Janhvi Kapoor performs admirably in Jerry, speaking of performances. She puts in the element of being naive with ease and is boldly underconfident, as the character demands. She also makes her first appearance in this movie using her comedic timing, and she exudes the spirit of a comedic entertainer. Deepak Dobriyal is a riot in every way. He delivers some of the movie’s most comedic lines, which makes the screen come to life. As Jerry’s mother, Mita Vashisht does well, but Jaswant Singh Dalal makes a lasting impression. The acting skills of Saurabh Sachdeva and Sushant Singh are exceptional. The remainder of the cast does a good job in their individual roles.


The music of Parag Chhabra is well-balanced. Sadly, none of the tracks are top 40 hits. Impressive songs include “Jhand Ba,” “Jogan,” and “Paracetamol.” “Mor Mor” and “Cutie Cutie” are okay-ish. The background music, by Aman Pant, complements the main topic of the movie.


Despite some questionable stereotypes, Good Luck Jerry is nevertheless entertaining to watch, particularly because of its cast.

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