JugJugg Jeeyo Review: Anil Kapoor Is The Heart & Soul Of This Film That’s Filled With Entertainment!



The five-year marriage of Kuku (Varun Dhawan) and Naina (Kiara Advani) is on the verge of breaking, and the parents of the former, Bheem (Anil Kapoor) and Geeta (Neetu Kapoor), are feeling the same way. Aside from Bheem’s the extramarital affair with Meera (Tisca Chopra), there is also a storyline regarding Kuku’s sister (Prajakta Koli) still missing her ex at the mandap. To keep the action moving, many jabs and quips are tossed in.


The chemistry between Kiara and Varun is electrifying, and unlike other rom-coms, she isn’t used as a prop and has some powerful scenes that show a different side of her. Neetu Kapoor is a delight to watch on the big screen, and Maniesh Paul is a natural at bringing in those lighter moments. But one actor who stole the show is Anil Kapoor. He manages to make you laugh with his wittiness and expressions in every scene possible and hence becomes the icing on the cake. Prajakta Koli makes a fine debut.

Technical Departments:

The main theme of Jug Jugg Jeeyo is saving a marriage and realising that giving in to pressure and maintaining one’s dignity are two distinct conversations. Director Raj Mehta uses humour, sarcasm, and wit to keep the proceedings light and interesting despite the potentially heavy issues. The movie has its share of defects, just like all marriages, and those weaknesses make the movie worth seeing.

The makers have taken a brave step, but the middle class janta may not be entirely on board. Thanks to the good editing, the story moves along quickly. The colourful cinematography is exactly the kind of image that will make you want to see it on a wide screen. Rishhabh Sharma writes fantastic dialogues. The one-liners created especially for Maniesh Paul’s character are guaranteed to make the audience laugh out loud, but some of the emotional one-liners have the depth required to handle the movie’s heavier scenes.

On the other hand, the movie drags a little too much and doesn’t really convey the enjoyable aspect of a Punjabi wedding. The movie features conversation and loud background music that are louder than usual.


One of the movie’s selling points is its soundtrack. The song Nach Punjaabban will lift up your mood. Every song in the film is placed well and goes with the theme of the scenes.


There are several reasons why JugJugg Jeeyo works, but the main one is that drama, humour, and emotions are all skillfully balanced.

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