Spider-Man: No Way Home Review: Tom Holland’s film is a perfect entertainer that will leave you spellbound!

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Doctor Strange, Jacob Batalon plays Ned Leeds, and Marisa Tomei plays Aunt May in the Tom Holland and Zendaya blockbuster.



As his identity as Spider-Man is exposed at the end of the 2019 film, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ picks up where the previous part, ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home,’ left off. Tom Holland as Peter Parker seeks the assistance of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange. However, his indecision opens the multiverse, releasing a slew of villains from past ‘Spider-Man’ films.

Benedict Cumberbatch plays Doctor Strange, Jacob Batalon plays Ned Leeds, and Marisa Tomei plays Aunt May in the Tom Holland and Zendaya blockbuster.


Director Joe Watts has gently examined the complexities of Peter’s anxieties and problems, in addition to exploring Spiderman as a superhero. Tom Holland is arguably the most successful Spiderman and Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ highlights the greatest moments of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, which delve into his innate desire to be seen and loved.

To be honest, the movie takes you on an emotional roller coaster. Apart from the romantic aspects, Holland’s battle with the phantoms from previous games elevates No Way Home to a new level, filling you with nostalgia.


Tom Holland is proving how Marvel’s decision to give the baton to him was for the best with each passing picture. We’ve seen Tom’s work in earlier Marvel films and are aware of his versatility, which ranges from delightful to tragic in a single scene. Here, his character develops in a fantastic arc that includes dealing with emotional pain, befriending and caring for people from different timelines, and other things that could detract from the magic he generates simply by being on screen.

As expected, Zendaya is still merely Spidey’s girlfriend, with little explored for MJ since the last time we saw her. This time around, Jacob Batalon’s Ned is similarly overshadowed by Spidey’s ‘new more important’ friends. As he sets the groundwork for his ‘Multiverse Of Madness,’ Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange obtains the perfect launchpad. Cumberbatch continues to be the ever-cool Doctor Strange, delivering some laugh-out-loud moments. Aunt May, played by Marisa Tomei, has a stronger screen presence this time around, and it’s not without reason.


Michael Giacchino continues to dazzle in disguise with orchestral works that are deployed at just the correct time to maximise their impact. His music masterfully enhances the impact of not just a few, but many key situations in the movie.


The film features plenty of witty punchlines and tear-jerking moments. Spiderman: No Way Home has met and beyond the expectations of the audience, and it can be stated that the film is a must-watch.

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